The results of the British referendum is the last warning before the dissolution of the European Union

The clear victory of the Brexit-camp is a heavy blow to the entire European Union. The referendum campaign has given space and attention to xenophobic and populist lies, able to fuel hatred and violence. « The European Union is a community of destiny, but at the same time it is a community of economic utility and interests for everyone’s benefit” » declares Mercedes Bresso, Member of the European Parliament and socialist coordinator for the Committee of Constitutional affairs «ascribing all responsibilities to the EU for every problem a country has to face is a demagogic maneuver far from reality, because we all know that the main decisions in Europe are taken by the member states .There are no undemocratic decisions in the Union. »
«The fears, however, are legitimate and must not be ignored» continues Bresso, «these fears are sending a clear message, we need to bring solutions and answer effectively the concerns of our citizens. Furthermore, we should not forget that the outcome of the referendum might endanger the entire European project. We ought to react with a coordinated institutional and political answer in order to avoid the contagion while taking back the hearts and minds of the European citizens in favour of a new EU project of political integration and economic development. »
This appeal echoes the EP Report on the future of the European Union within the Lisbon Treaty, which Mrs. Bresso will present during the plenary session of the European Parliament in next October. The report will be co-presented with Mr. Elmar Brok, German MEP close to Angela Merkel.